Rebel by Edaw Wade


you dare define me
mold my reality
predetermine my destiny
rewrite my history
i study your theory
and see
your acts are cowardly
so I scream loudly and do this proudly
closed fist raised above me
for freedom you denied me
and I am worthy
oh yes, I am worthy
and those that stand with me
fifty times fifty times fifty times fifty

© Speaks Beliefs, 2009. All rights reserved.

words inspired by REBEL, art by Edaw Wade

consciously unconscious

consciously unconscious, his modus operandi
knowledge of injustice and inequality,
and all world’s ills stored in envelope
filed in crimson steal lockbox, in mind’s cellar
garnet key to box stored in mind’s attic
distance between box and key intentional
separation requires minimal mental effort
three empty indigo floors fill remaining space
azure walls, free to be filled with mind numbing distractions
if ever garnet meets crimson, he would awaken
awareness calling him to action
except…he wants no part of revolt or rebellion
he lives comfortably in home of conscious unconsciousness
who wouldn’t?
it sits on beautiful jade landscaped avenue
in flawless emerald subdivision
in the city that is…the Matrix

© Speaks Beliefs, 2009. All rights reserved.

Prelude to Sin


Wait till this bitch gets home! “Girls Nite!” What about my fuckin’ nite? I’m hungry. What am I supposed to do? Cook for myself? I’m the nigga that pays the bills. I’ma have to show her what up. Quick punch to the face. Put her in her place. She betta not be hollerin’ at no nigga either. And she betta give me what I need when she get home. Break me off a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’. Nah mean? Man, fuck that bitch! Shit, might do like pop did moms and get a switch. Lite that ass up. Show her what this nigga’s made of. Fuck “Girls Nite.” When she see me, goin’ wish she took my advice!


Yo! Why you strike her? Do you dislike her? Even worse, does hate necessitate rape? I know you love her. She’s your queen. Not one meant for you to demean. Nah mean? Pop hittin’ on moms didn’t teach yo ass anything? Remember her screams? Seems you forgot you wanted to get at pops for makin’ moms bleed. Now you continue the cycle. Yo, that evil spirit needs to be freed. Son wanna be just like you. Is that what you want? You weak mutha fucka! Does bruising her bring you joy? Stress relief? Act strong, but weak under cover. You’s a stupid ass mutha fucka! You need someone to knock the shit ouch-you! Hell, if I wasn’t you. I’d beat yo ass too!


I need a drink. Who the fuck this nigga think he is? My conscience? My angel? Does that make me demon? Hold up. Got me talkin’ to my self. There’s the Hen. On the shelf. Now what was I sayin’? Oh, yeah! That bitch goin’ pay for havin’ me waitin’! Beat her and take her. Cause I’m her man. Got every right to strike her with my hand.

© Speaks Beliefs, 2009. All rights reserved.

This does not come from personal experience. This was my attempt to get into the mind of a coward.

Remember Me!

I remember you!
Do you remember me?

Walked on my aged and crumbling streets
Navigated my many obstacles
Strategically placed liquor stores
Drugs and guns
Hustlers and gangsters
Now you stare at me
Through an upscale high-rise window
Do you remember me?

Educated in my dilapidated buildings
Underfunded schools
Matriculated in overcrowded rooms
Taught by my dedicated educators
Overwhelmed and underappreciated teachers
Now many letters follow your name
Degrees one, two, and three
Do you remember me?

Survived many run-ins with my officers
Racial profiling
Juvenile detention
Now your record is squeaky clean
Ensured by a lawyer
On retainer fee
Do you remember me?

Day you left me for the first degree
Etched in my memory
Teased me with an occasional stay
Then visits ceased.
Now you fail to claim
That you were ever raised
In my streets
Code switching deceased
Do you remember me?

I miss you!
I need you!
For the many like you
Those left behind
Doomed to obscurity
Conditioned to accept
Restricted opportunity
My reality

Come back me
Embrace me
Your home community
Don’t deny my memory

Help correct the cycle
So we can show the world
The grace
The resilience
The beauty of my existence
Reflected by the people
Who live in me.

I am the ghetto
Your ghetto
Jewel of the city
Remember me!

© Speaks Beliefs, 2009. All rights reserved.