Prelude to Sin


Wait till this bitch gets home! “Girls Nite!” What about my fuckin’ nite? I’m hungry. What am I supposed to do? Cook for myself? I’m the nigga that pays the bills. I’ma have to show her what up. Quick punch to the face. Put her in her place. She betta not be hollerin’ at no nigga either. And she betta give me what I need when she get home. Break me off a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’. Nah mean? Man, fuck that bitch! Shit, might do like pop did moms and get a switch. Lite that ass up. Show her what this nigga’s made of. Fuck “Girls Nite.” When she see me, goin’ wish she took my advice!


Yo! Why you strike her? Do you dislike her? Even worse, does hate necessitate rape? I know you love her. She’s your queen. Not one meant for you to demean. Nah mean? Pop hittin’ on moms didn’t teach yo ass anything? Remember her screams? Seems you forgot you wanted to get at pops for makin’ moms bleed. Now you continue the cycle. Yo, that evil spirit needs to be freed. Son wanna be just like you. Is that what you want? You weak mutha fucka! Does bruising her bring you joy? Stress relief? Act strong, but weak under cover. You’s a stupid ass mutha fucka! You need someone to knock the shit ouch-you! Hell, if I wasn’t you. I’d beat yo ass too!


I need a drink. Who the fuck this nigga think he is? My conscience? My angel? Does that make me demon? Hold up. Got me talkin’ to my self. There’s the Hen. On the shelf. Now what was I sayin’? Oh, yeah! That bitch goin’ pay for havin’ me waitin’! Beat her and take her. Cause I’m her man. Got every right to strike her with my hand.

© Speaks Beliefs, 2009. All rights reserved.

This does not come from personal experience. This was my attempt to get into the mind of a coward.

7 thoughts on “Prelude to Sin

  1. Wow!! As usual a great topic.
    This kinda hit home for me, (almost made me angry)my mother God rest her soul, was married to a man who beat her, and ran her through the dirt. But she loved him, I remember sitting there watching his drunken, violent outbursts. One night He loved her so hard, he knocked out her front teeth. He gave her a precious gift; a constant reminder of how much he loved her.

    Wonderfully written!

  2. Deep. It’s one of those issues that will continue to plague folks if they choose to never address it. It really is a vicious cycle for both abuser and victim.

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