6 thoughts on “February’s Shackles

  1. Point well made.

    I actually love Black History Month b/c it is the ONE time of year where people actively talk about our history. BUT YES, we can and must do better than a single month. Come March 1st we can’t just stop learning, sharing, researching, etc. There’s a LOT about Black folk that not nearly enough people know about. So again, I love this poem.

    Also I love this site. The design/feel is perfect. If you haven’t already, you should think about putting it into book form (design intact).

    AND…thanks for following my blog. Much appreciated. I’m so glad I visited yours! Made my day.

    -Victoria D.

    1. thanx. i too love Black History Month and it’s disheartening to see march 1st arrive and most people return to business as usual. i’m not knocking the celebration, just the 28 day emphasis.

      thanx for your blog comments. my blog is a work-in-progress. always looking for ways to grab reader’s attention.

  2. I agree with the other comments. So much in so few words. We must ‘refuse’ to relelgate our history to the shortest and coldest month of the year..we don’t need anyone’s permission. That’s the least we owe ourselves.


  3. Black History Month needs to evolve or mature. I remember in school learning the same people and doing the same stories my older siblings had done while they were in my grade.

    There was a time when black history wasn’t discussed at all. Now it is. But it shouldn’t stop in a 28 days, and it shouldn’t stop with the past, and it shouldn’t start with slavery and end with MLK.

    Uh, I guess what I’m saying is I agree with you. But what you’re doing — what we’re doing — is black history. Keep making history.

  4. i respect black history month because of the fact that it was created by carter g. woodsen back in 1926 as a way to celebrate black achievements. he chose february because the births of frederick douglass and abraham lincoln happen to fall in february.

    yet still, black history needs to be celebrated every single day of the year! so i hear you on that!

    power to the people.

    thanks for this piece. i like the tone.
    i have one titled “black history puzzle” that i wrote about 7 years ago. similiar concept.

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