6 thoughts on “jungle of concrete

  1. Brilliant contrasts. I can visualise the scenario all too well! The disparity between poverty and opulence is huge in SA! So sad, but the way of the world, I guess.

    My son went to his Senior Prom last week. Cost us an arm and a leg for his share of the Limo, his suit, the dance tickets, the after party tickets, flowers for his date etc.. and then I see people sleeping on the side walk and begging for food and I feel sick and ashamed 😦

    Life can be so obscene at times!

  2. wow! honestly, this and dawn of man are my favorites. the imagery you caputured is concrete and concise. the rhyme scheme and alliteration makes it sound like a sweet 16. really love the line about dreams being able to flourish or defer. nice connection to langston hughes there.

  3. SB…u killed it! This piece has just enough grit and glory. Don’t know how u do it, but please don’t stop! I truly admire your work.

  4. Powerful piece. The lure of the images is amazing, captivating and dangerous. The ‘postcard’ / ghetto and dreams flourish / malnourished contrasts you draw forces me to think much more deeply about those
    caught in the tension between the two.

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