consciously unconscious

consciously unconscious, his modus operandi
knowledge of injustice and inequality,
and all world’s ills stored in envelope
filed in crimson steal lockbox, in mind’s cellar
garnet key to box stored in mind’s attic
distance between box and key intentional
separation requires minimal mental effort
three empty indigo floors fill remaining space
azure walls, free to be filled with mind numbing distractions
if ever garnet meets crimson, he would awaken
awareness calling him to action
except…he wants no part of revolt or rebellion
he lives comfortably in home of conscious unconsciousness
who wouldn’t?
it sits on beautiful jade landscaped avenue
in flawless emerald subdivision
in the city that is…the Matrix

© Speaks Beliefs, 2009. All rights reserved.

my heaven

after my final breath escapes
when my heart beats no longer
once decision is made for my flesh to enter grave
my heaven awaits

i see gold and gold only
different shades and tints of this majestic hue
it is the coat of all translucent souls
Ancestors covered in glow that shines much louder

love, the only word uttered from spirits’ lips
joy, the only thought we share
melodious drum beat accompanies word and thought
adore i do, the sound of paradise, and its echo

perfumed and flowery scents surround me
waves of fresh bouquet travel, even in absence of a medium
aroma of the sweetest of fruits visit often
to feed the appetites of those who reside here

elation through movement, our ritual
feelings of delight and bliss captured in every shift
connected are all souls in this place
i am now spirit and we are one
in my heaven

© Speaks Beliefs, 2009. All rights reserved.