10 thoughts on “dawn of man

  1. This poem is phenomenal. LOVE LOVE LOVE this part:

    “flowing through veins like water from Nile used to create her
    forming womb to incubate the creation’s creation
    and beautifully curved and supple bosom to sustain it
    finishing by breathing into her nostrils the breath of life”

  2. Wow…. I really like this one…. this is what caught me “and hand and fingers with which to hold
    shaping heart for love’s capacity
    sending blood through body
    flowing through veins like water from Nile used to create her”

    *snapping fingers*

  3. This is lovely! You paint such a beautiful picture and this is an interesting take on creation of man. love it!

  4. I like this quite a bit. It does several important things: 1) reverses the expectation established in Genesis that the male came first, which 2) reduces “Man” to his right place as the natural offspring of “Woman”; and 3) it has the geography right! We began in Africa. Only proper that our creation stories be set there. My only complaint: it could be much longer (that’s a compliment, btw). You’ve chosen an epic subject, you might have the core of a modern epic poem here. Well done.

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