8 thoughts on “Luna and her beloved Sol

  1. SB, i LOVE this so much!!!

    i’ve always been a big fan of mythology, especially the stories that try to explain how some natural phenomenon came to be.

    this has all the makings of a timeless legend–true love, rivalry, sabotage, tragedy, vengeance, and lovely imagery.

    u certainly do ur thing…keep ’em coming!

  2. Sir Speaks….
    Your words are a blessing to me. I always ponder and reflect after reading them.

    This piece laments the manner in which we sometimes ruin one another, even unknowingly and with hopes to help/heal/love.

    We have much work…and your words point us in that direction.

  3. Your words bring these 2 mythological gods 2 life in such a poignant way. I read it twice, coz I wanted to savour the imagery. Tks for sharing.

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