Asa’s Wish

facesempower the genius that lives within
unlock her talent and intelligence
enlighten his psyche with knowledge key
mediocrity, her enemy
satisfactory, his adversary
be supportive, her pursuits are inquisitive
dynamic his gifts, remember this
take notice, her thoughts are precious
theirs is the quest of the curious
with love, edify, serve as learning guide
educate their beautiful young minds
without you, their bright lights will dim
teach, reach the brilliance in all children
empower the genius that lives within
this was Asa’s wish…

© Speaks Beliefs, 2009. All rights reserved.

“I have never encountered any children in any group who are not geniuses. There is no mystery on how to teach them. The first thing you do is treat them like human beings and the second thing you do is love them.” ~Dr. Asa Hilliard