Amorina’s Request

Shiny red Sun-Maid box
Young lady in red bonnet wearing a smile
Holding basket of grapes with Sun shining in background
Inviting to innocent eyes

She points to this box very willing to experiment
Her father obliges
He lifts folded top of cardboard
Retrieves one dehydrated grape
Places it in her open and extended hand

She examines its dark color
Its every lump and wrinkle
Marvels at its imperfection and smiles
Her mouth opens as she places dried fruit on tongue

Taste buds activated
Joy turns to disgust
Sour expression and mastication refusal
Placing hand to chin
Spitting wet and unchewed treat into palm
Disgust turns to anger
She stares at father with piercing eyes
Without a word spoken
Communication transmitted and her father receives

My child tasted her first raisin today.
She will never try another.

New delight catches her eye
She points to bottle on the second shelf in pantry
Louisiana Hot Sauce
She desires a taste and reaches out
Does father oblige this new request?

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