13 thoughts on “she

  1. Ahhh. Where can we go right again? How can we turn down the covers for the innocent, and tuck them in with promises of a safe future in the coming day?

  2. Thank you. And my sister (1954-2007) would have hugged you for this. In Rochester she helped many kick habits from alcohol to junk. 21 years clean, still the liver got her. Yes thank you, but I hope it’s not part of your experience, but to remind us….to help when we can.

    1. Thank you and I am sorry for your loss. No, this isn’t written from personal experience. It was the first line (saving it for more than a year) that inspired the rest. Thanks again for your response.

    1. Thanks for your many responses. Your words are much appreciated. By “form of writing,” are you referring to the font? After writing, I try sample many fonts before I find one that feels like a match for the words. Thanks again for sharing.

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