13 thoughts on “she

  1. Ahhh. Where can we go right again? How can we turn down the covers for the innocent, and tuck them in with promises of a safe future in the coming day?

  2. Thank you. And my sister (1954-2007) would have hugged you for this. In Rochester she helped many kick habits from alcohol to junk. 21 years clean, still the liver got her. Yes thank you, but I hope it’s not part of your experience, but to remind us….to help when we can.

    1. Thank you and I am sorry for your loss. No, this isn’t written from personal experience. It was the first line (saving it for more than a year) that inspired the rest. Thanks again for your response.

  3. Liked this very much. Raw and moving. Your use of repetition is both powerful and bold.
    May I ask why you chose that form of writing? I think it takes away from the words.

    1. Thanks for your many responses. Your words are much appreciated. By “form of writing,” are you referring to the font? After writing, I try sample many fonts before I find one that feels like a match for the words. Thanks again for sharing.

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