9 thoughts on “’round midnight

  1. When I get restless, I find something to organize. Really enjoyed the imagery of the night walk and your quest to find peace. My favorite: “night’s heart performs on sky’s stage with no audience…” We so often overlook the beauty of the night. Overall, obviously enjoyed this piece of work. Thank you for sharing as always.

    1. thanks for reading. i was playing with imagery in this piece. something i felt my latest posts were lacking (perhaps i’m too hard on myself). i also wanted the words to feel “restless.” i hope that i achieved this goal, as well. 🙂

  2. SB…this piece is my new favorite! Do you know what this did to me?

    I read it and I saw you and I saw myself because I understand that state of mind. I wanted to speed through each line to get to the next thought, but at the same time I wanted to slow down and savor every word.

    You rule your literary landscape. Know that.


  3. beautifully written! the voice is like a chant of sorts. love it.

    restlessness is a gift and a curse. in the midst of it, you can create something as beautiful as this. on the flip side, your peace is disturbed. love it.

    p.s. were you listening to coltrane when you wrote this?

  4. An effortless flowing stream. Particularly liked “Do I see conclusion in the distance? As I approach my door this gate from which night’s journey commenced and the entry to its ending”. It reminded me of those optical illusion illustrations, like staircases that go up, and up, and up in a continuous loop. You managed to convey in those few lines alone a sense of the never ending, maddening cycle; the restlessness of the soul. An excellent piece of work.

  5. I loved the poem. i could feel mt heart slow to match the footsteps and state of mind.
    Gifted, both you & me, thank-you

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