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  1. Missing You
    At times when in my solitude
    I picture your looks that hold a thousand secrets
    Your come hither smile
    And your enfolding arms that bring me to life
    Your soft sweet lips who’s kisses melt my soul
    The provocative whispers that lead us to the bedroom

    Your beautiful body glistening against white linen
    Frames forever in my mind’s eye
    Your exciting lovemaking transporting my body to yesteryears

    Thus I am missing you
    When your arms are not around me,
    Your lips are not against mine,
    Or breathing against my neck.
    Or professing loving endearments by my pillow

    You strong , loving,,beautiful man
    Although I know we’ll soon be spending time together
    It is not at this instant,
    So “My Love” I am missing you right now.

    Angie (Speaks Beliefs Mom!)

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